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After a long break away from the airwaves and touring, Yoav is now back with renewed energy and a new twist to his sound. The South African singer-songwriter marks his 10th anniversary as a recording artist with his 4th album “Multiverse”. The album is set for release on 07 September and reveals a new musical adventure from a unique alternative pop artist.

The first single of the album “Blood Moon” was released 18 May. Yoav explains: “Blood Moon is the first song I wrote for this record and the last one I recorded for it. In a way, it’s a bridge between my old sound and my new sound. It’s about desire and temptation and falling from the right path. Knowing you are doing the wrong thing, but doing it anyway. It began as a voodoo Robert Johnson style guitar riff that I was jamming over and over on my own in various settings for a year or two before arriving in Ibiza. When we recorded the album in Ibiza it acquired the electronic trip-hop beat and the ethereal chorus: Voodoo electronica.”

The Work for the new album began back in 2013 when Yoav was rambling around in Asia including Japan, Borneo and Thailand, not looking for anything in particular, just wandering and wondering. Wherever he went on his travels, there was always an accompanying constant nagging question at the back of his mind… – ‘what next’. The irony was that after recording three albums and playing numerous tours that centred around performance with loop pedals, he had found himself stuck in his own loop. Returning to Europe, he stayed in Berlin for a while, soaking up the music and art scene there until late 2014, when it was time to get back on the road around Europe on what would be his last tour for quite some time. Yoav then returned to Cape Town as he had done many times in the past to begin writing for the new record, a daily endeavour spanning nine months. The writing process expanded to include experiments with new technology and live DJ sets providing new creative perspectives and avenues to stroll down taking his live set-up half a step away from the loop pedals, and a whole step into something new.

Yoav returned to Europe in late 2015 went to Ibiza. As he missed his flight back to London, he took it as a sign of destiny and decided to stay put. In the end, the album was produced by Danish producer Lasse ’Illinton’ Mosegard, who lives in Ibiza. Illinton, a talented composer and electronica producer, has created dynamic multi-dimensional sounds for the album, also incorporating his experience as a film score producer which has added a cinematic element. The overall atmosphere is a blend of trip-hop, electronica, the ethereal and the eccentric, much like the island community Yoav found himself immersed in.

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