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Jenniffer Kae


JENNIFFER KAE shines in many colours. You could even say that over the past few years she floated through the pop world – mostly in tourbusses – as if she was a chameleon. The German singer with Philippine roots supported numerous artists in the background with her mutability. Recognizing the beauty of her different facets however, it is now time for JENNIFFER to break free of other artists’ colours and to show her own music: “My whole life I’ve sung and listened to other people’s stories. But my goal has always been to tell my own at some point”. The 31-year-old singer has just finished the production of her first German album. In spring 2019 she will present the range of topics that fill her heart. And indeed, one song is called “Chameleon Girl” and deals with a colourful and adaptive artist…

JENNIFFER KAE was born into a family of musicians and already deeply inhaled Soul, R&B, Gospel, Country and Pop in her childhood to now present her own personality with her music. Besides this unmistakable feeling, the spirit of honest pop songs, the guitar plays a central role. JENNIFFER herself describes her sound as follows: “My music lives due to two poles. One is quiet and intimate, the other is energetic and powerful. In any case, my songs are vivid and handmade.”

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Past Dates
Date City Venue
DE - Köln Philharmonie (supporting Tina Dico)
DE - München Circus Krone (supporting Tina Dico)
DE - Stuttgart Theaterhaus (supporting Tina Dico)
DE - Leipzig Gewandhaus (supporting Tina Dico)
DE - Offenbach Capitol (supporting Tina Dico)
DE - Saarlouis Theater Am Ring (supporting Tina Dico)
Upcoming Dates
Date City Venue
DE - Köln Yuca
DE - Stuttgart Keller Klub
DE - München Milla
DE - Leipzig Neues Schauspiel
DE - Berlin Kantine am Berghain
DE - Hamburg Nochtwache

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