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The Gardener & The Tree


With the release of their new single «Postcards», The Gardener & The Tree pick up right where they left things after the release of their «Revolution EP» back in 2014. Their EP «Mossbo», set to be released in Autumn, will be accompanied by electrifying guitar riffs, explosive drum beats and musical intricacies to create a raw, emotional mood that sets the listener free. The 5-track piece will greet listeners to an entirely new side as well, showing change, turbulence and calm. It shows a picture with many facades and faces, which set a mood until the very end.

«Mossbo», Sweden. A time and a place that changed the band forever. A time and a place where the world as they knew it would never be the same again. Although the band had planned to return home from Sweden with new songs, the far North granted them much, much more. The solitude of the place instilled in them a sense of profound tranquillity and of unexpected wisdom. It was an experience that would lead them back to Switzerland with a newfound vigour and a newfound meaning. Out of this experience emerged the new songs, representing not just the magnitude of it all, but also the harmony.

«Mama’s Guitar». It was in the far reaches of Australia where Manuel Felder learned not just to sing, but to let his voice fly, and it was upon his wings that this story of a life dedicated to music takes flight. Over the next few years, he was joined by Patrik Muggli, Patrick Fet and Daniel Fet, forming a band that didn’t read music, but felt it instead; creating and experimenting, like only few can and in 2015, Philippe Jüttner and his skills on the bass guitar, joined their ranks. Their talents shape the music until today.

„Life is like a waterfall – what comes down goes around“

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DE - Marbach Stausee / Odenwald Sound of the Forest
DE - Hamburg Reeperbahn Festival
DE - Berlin Austerclub

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