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Georg auf Lieder


For having released his second album in May, GEORG AUF LIEDER, born in Hamburg and now living in Berlin, has a long way behind him. A way which will close its circle with „Mano Grande“, a way starting with his beginnings as a Punkrock musician, going through his phase as a cherished street musician at the Alexanderplatz, a way from a pretty calm, introspective album to his new work, where GEORG AUF LIEDER –atleast paritally – shows rock sounds in a way you would haver never expected. Though it is obvious if you know Georgs Credo: „The whole goal is to make music for life. I don’t think stagnation and the continuos writings of a given pattern is desirable. Art should be in motion, just like the people creating it.“, he says. This is what his new album is about, which he will present live at five shows in Germany: Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich, Leipzig and Berlin, between the 2. and the 6. of June, right after the release.

GEORG AUF LIEDER converts events and emotions into songs. Paired with his direct humor and a big portion of self-mockery, he charms the audience at his concerts and creates a rare feeling of collectivity, where almost every listener thinks: He speaks out what I feel. Georgs view on the world, the troubles and hardships of every individual, was trained since he was little.

The inhabitant of Hamburg with Bolivian roots comes from the amusement quarter St.Pauli, a condensed prism of the above and the below of a metropolis. Georg absorbed all the stories and designs of life and dropped school with 17 to work with a Poppunkband. But before anything could start, the band seperated.

GEORG AUF LIEDER continued alone and taught himself how to sing. He practised his art of singing as a street musician at the Alexanderplatz in Berlin. There he advanced to a little celebrity – many listeners came regularly.
Self-organized concerts in Germany were talked about, more people came from show to show. His first self-produced Demo-CD was sold to the last copy. Now it was only a question of time until record labels would knock on his door. At last he signed with „Universal“ and recorded „Alexanderplatz“ together with producer Christian Neander (Selig). With his album he, not always but often, toured with a little backing band – sometimes as the headliner, often as a support of artists like Imagine Dragons, Milow, Rea Garvey, MIA, Amy MacDonalds, The Stranglers, The Script and Juli.

All the live experiences imprinted deeply on his songwriting for the second album. „Before the first record I had played street music and a lot of soloshows – but I always wanted to make music with a band“, he says. „Through playing live, the songwriting changed as well: I come from the Punk- and Stoner Rock, so my second record was supposed to move forward while having great hooks. My requirement was to make good Pop music and add more of where my roots are at the same time. „Mano Grande“ presents where I stand in life right now. The record matches my character“.

The way to this album started in Spain, together with his permanent music companions Oli Friedrich (drums) and Frank Binke (Bass). There, they entered a studio for four weeks with producer Roy Knauf (Deichkind). „The thought was to have something official: like a gang that sits together under an avocado tree and works on songs together. Everything was supposed to sound more organic, more alive, earthy.“ The recordings got their last cuts in Berlin, where Georg locked himself into a studio with Robert Stephenson (Mighty Oaks, Farin Urlaub) for another four weeks to work on melodies, overdubs, last ideas as well as two new added songs.

The texts of Georg, very touching through their clarity and evident in their statements, seemed to be even more from his life than at the debut: „I don’t have anything against unusual themes, but I want to keep the listeners from feeling like they have to visit a lyrik seminar to understand what i’m singing about“, explains Georg. With „Mano Grande“ he succeeded in balancing slow ballades and impulsive rock sounds – while still sounding like GEORG AUF LIEDER.

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Date City Venue
DE - München Backstage (supporting MIA)
DE - Nürnberg Hirsch (supporting MIA)
AU - Wien Flex (supporting MIA)
DE - Dresden Beatpol (supporting MIA)
CH - Zug Galvanik (supporting MIA)
DE - Wiesbaden Schlachthof (supporting MIA)
DE - Krefeld Kulturfabrik (supporting MIA)
DE - Stuttgart clubCANN (supporting MIA)
DE - Jena F-Haus (supporting MIA)
DE - Wilhelmshaven Kulturzentrum Pumpwerk (supporting MIA)
DE - Leipzig UT Connewitz e.V. (supporting MIA)
DE - Worpswede Music Hall Worpswede (supporting MIA)
DE - Köln Gloria-Theater (supporting MIA)
DE - Hamburg Große Freiheit 36 (supporting MIA)
DE - Berlin Huxley's Neue Welt (supporting MIA)
DE - Hamburg Hamburger Küchensessions
DE - Hamburg Holsten Brauereifest
DE - Köln Stereo Wonderland
DE - Frankfurt Zoom
DE - Hof Stadtfest
DE - München Milla (abgesagt)
DE - Leipzig Neues Schauspiel
DE - Berlin Privatclub
DE - Berlin Duckstein-Festival Schloss Charlottenburg
AT - Telfs Kuppelarena Sportzentrum Telfs
DE - Wuppertal Alte Feuerwache
DE - Travemünde Travemünder Woche
DE - Hamburg Duckstein-Festival Hafencity
DE - Annaberg Open Air Kino & Musik Klostergarten
DE - Aschaffenburg Afrika-Karibik Festival
DE - Dresden Stadtfest
DE - Bensheim Vogel der Nacht Festival

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