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Chris Brenner


CHRIS BRENNER was born in the USA, but has been living in Germany for almost twelve years. At first, his way was typical: finish school, graduate, go to Uni. As he dropped two courses he originally thought he would like, he realised: This isn’t it. There is something else. Only through this detour he noticed that his former hobby, making music, is more than a free-time activity. It seemed to be his calling. So from now on, he put all of his energy into becoming a songwriter with personality and independence.

„My inspiration comes from everywhere. It doesn’t only have to be music that inspires me. Experiences, impressions, stories: all of these things can create a base for new songs.“ He usually writes about things that have happened to him or that he heard about, combined with the emotion and the vibe of songs he liked at that time. „One always has his arsenal of ideas that you then put into a song.“

The same goes for his used genres, here he also doesn’t want to be defined: CHRIS BRENNER likes Singer-Songwriter as much as Pop, Rock, Indie and especially HipHop – which one can see on his beat structures or in the reduction of some arrangements that are on point.

The only neccessary thing is: ,,That it’s authentic, that you can feel my personality in the songs, and that people believe in what I’m doing. I’m not someone who is put into a box, not the type to be labeled, where people say: „Chris sounds like this or that“. I want to be known as a wholehearted musician who actually means what he is doing to a hundred percent.“

That his carreer – no matter what path he chooses – will keep on growing is out of the question. Because CHRIS BRENNER does his name credit: He is fire everytime he starts singing. Also: „I haven’t been home in basically six months. I’m either in Berlin or in the studio, where I often work with David Jürgens. Or i’m on tour, on some stage in some club that is letting me perform.“

One thing is certain: There is so much more to come. And you can look forward to it.

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Date City Venue
DE-Berlin Columbia Theater (supporting Jimmy Sommerville)
DE-Dresden Alter Schlachthof (supporting Jimmy Sommerville)
DE-Hamburg Gruenspan (supporting Jimmy Sommerville)
DE-Köln Gloria (supporting Jimmy Sommerville)
DE - München Sunny Red
DE - Stuttgart Zwölfzehn
DE - Frankfurt Ponyhof
DE - Köln Blue Shell
DE - Hamburg Kleiner Donner
DE - Berlin Maze
DE - Hamburg Terrace Hill (supporting Michael Schulte)
DE - Köln Yuca (supporting Michael Schulte)
DE - Berlin Frannz (supporting Michael Schulte)

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