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Jack Savoretti


Sometimes you don’t know what your story is until you step away from the page. With JACK SAVORETTI’s last album, 2015’s 100,000 selling Written In Scars, it was clear. Having been feted as the next big thing as a 34-year-old singer-songwriter, SAVORETTI quickly realised that the people around him didn’t share his vision for what his songs could be. Instead of keeping quiet and playing the game he wrestled away creative control for himself. He won his artistic freedom, but he lost his golden ticket to fame. Tossed back down to the bottom of the pile, the next seven years were spent on spirit-crushing tours as he struggled to make his way and support his family. Frustrated, veering off the rails and about to give up on it all, he poured his anguish into those battle-worn songs. The album’s title couldn’t have been clearer: these songs were forged in his struggles.

A top ten album and a sold-out worldwide tour later, Written In Scars had made him a star.

With music practically bursting out of him, SAVORETTI set himself a rule that each song would be written, recorded and completed from scratch in one single day. “I wanted to capture how you sing a song for the first time,” he recalls. “It’s really hard to replicate, you can never beat that performance. It might not be pitch perfect but there will be something in it the connects.”

That intuition has paid off in spades. Sleep No More is even richer, more varied and emotionally affecting than its predecessor. Its musical waters are deeper, the palette broader and – even though its creator didn’t realise it at the time – it has a story that rings just as true as Written In Scars’ anguished tales.

That’s not to say it’s a love letter in the Clintons Cards, Cadbury’s Roses sense. Sleep No More is an album about the very real struggles of holding on to love against the odds. About the trouble, the turmoil and the ultimate realisation that you can’t fight the battles life throws you into on your own.

This Album is a late-night conversation. It’s 2 o’clock in the morning, by a fireplace, coming to realisations, insomniac ideas. It’s the stuff that keeps you up at night.”

Thanks to the directness of SAVORETTI’s writing and the universality of the truths he sings about, the themes on Sleep No More could apply as much to those in his grandfather’s generation in the Italian mountains as they do to a father of two trying to make ends meet in West London in 2016.

“This album is very much the acknowledgement that I’m still a mess, I’m still lost, I’m still against the wall, but you guys are here, and I really need it,” thinks SAVORETTI. “It’s a declaration: I need you guys, don’t go anywhere just yet.”

It turns out he did have a story to tell after all.

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Singing To Strangers Tour 2019 / *Special Guest: Ward Thomas

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