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Bastian Baker


Take a look into those eyes, those green eyes that change to grey in the light. Their dynamic transformation is a sign… for Bastian Baker nothing is set in stone. Armed with his guitar and his folk songs, he has avoided clichés and the typical marketed career path. He surprised the world, exploding onto the scene as a sincere and unexpected artist. Yes, it was unexpected, because even if music flows through his veins, the young Villeneuve (Vaud) resident BASTIAN was originally destined for a hockey career. Yet, one evening at a birthday party, his plans were forever changed. He met Patrick Delarive, with whom he formed a striking artistic balance. The businessman had contacts and the young man had talent. The former becomes the producer; the latter takes the roles of the author, the composer, the interpreter, the guitarist, and the artistic producer. At 19 years old, BASTIAN BAKER released his first single “Lucky”, which instantly took over the radio waves.

In just a few months, BASTIAN BAKER skyrocketed to success and set the foundations for his ever-expanding universe. His first album, “Tomorrow May Not Be Better,” was released in late 2011, launching his career. Its release assured the single “Lucky” a high place in the charts and its tracks echoed the same artistic approach: honestly touching, instant catchy melodies, charming charisma, and clever arrangements. Two years later, he released his highly anticipated sophomore album “Too Old to Die Young,” where he experimented with richer instrumentation and songs with more accomplished and mature lyrics.

When writing lyrics, he takes inspiration from the everyday life, tapping into both his personal life and the general human condition. He takes words as they come, twisting and playing with them spontaneously and intuitive creativity. When shaping his sound, he takes advantage of his free-flowing vocal timbre, and his characteristic deep and melancholic vocal style. It’s as if he’s carrying a long, wound-up history in his vocal chords. He’s undeniably more mature than his 20 some years of age.

Since his first album in 2011 (more than 100’000 copies sold in Switzerland, France and Belgium), BASTIAN BAKER performed hundreds of times around the world in prestigious venues such as Montreux Jazz Festival, Olympia in Paris, Summer Sonic in Japan, Paleo Festival or Les Francofolies of La Rochelle.

In 2016, BASTIAN BAKER released his third album « Facing Canyons ».

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AT - Wien Flex Café (postponed from Chaya Fuera)
DE - Stuttgart Zwölfzehn
DE - München Ampere
DE - Frankfurt Zoom
DE - Hamburg Stage Club
DE - Berlin Musik und Frieden
DE - Osnabrück Glanz&Gloria (postponed from Kleine Freiheit)
DE - Essen Café Nova
DE - Köln Studio 672
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