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Sarah Klang


2018 has been an exceptional year for SARAH KLANG. Since her debut album, “Love In The Milky Way” went straight to #1 on the Swedish album charts in February, with single after single entering national radio rotation and KLANG earning her first Swedish Grammy nomination, she’s been constantly on tour. Critics agreed that the album was a classic debut, with prominent journalist Jan Gradvall calling it “the best debut album I’ve ever heard” on Swedish national TV.

At the time of writing she shines bright as the main breakthrough of the year in her native market, as well as making waves abroad.

Tracks from the debut album have found their way into Radio X (UK), Radio Eins (DE), FluxFM (DE), YLEX (FIN) and NRKP3 (NO), among others. Billboard Magazine went to KLANGs first New York Show, giving it a raving review – just one of many signs that the artist’s international presence is getting more notable day by day.

The past year has seen KLANG and her band hit the road with an endless string of shows in the US (including SXWS), Germany (including Reeperbahn Festival and a first leg of headline shows), Denmark, Norway and Sweden, whilst working on a new full length album, due out 2019.

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