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Raketen Erna


RAKETEN ERNA “Boulette Beats”
For small AND big! Between Grips-Theater and Scherben.

Finally RAKETEN ERNA lands! And in the middle of Kreuzberg – Rock, Folk, Blues, Rap! Children’s songs, you think? That’s just right as well as completely wrong. Music for children, parents, strawberry princesses, rockets and superheroes, nice and snappy Kreuzberger Gören-Blues … and if Rio Reiser had made a children’s record, she would not have sounded much different!

The texts have a message – a story that makes you think and talk. Are moving, honest, humorous and profound. On boulette beats there are songs about lice, snowmen, fish fingers, the Späti in the neighborhood and a superheroine. It’s about difference, dreams and a peaceful and colorful world. Strong songs that will improve and save the world … expected.

Behind RAKETEN ERNA is no singer, as you might think. It is the name of a children’s songs project that the Berlin musician Marceese Trabus came up with.

RAKETEN ERNA sends their rocket men live on stage
And says, “You can be what you want, if you love what you do!”

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DE - Berlin Privatclub
DE - Kyritz Insl Kyritz
DE - Kyritz an der Knatter Kinder Piratentag/ Venue: Insl: Kyritz
DE - Dresden Filmnächte am Elbufer/ Milchsalon Bühne
DE - Bremen Breminale
DE - Breitenbach am Herzberg Burg Herzberg Festival
DE - Luhmühlen A Summer's Tale 2018
DE-Lemwerder 27. Drachen über Lemwerder 2018
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DE - Waltrop Waltroper Parkfest
DE - Witzenhausen Kulturfestival "Treppen, Keller, Hinterhöfe"
DE - Berlin Bi Nuu

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