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Mrs. Greenbird


The folk pop duo Mrs. Greenbird from Cologne provided one of the very rare music business success stories: Starting off as wedding singers in 2006, the duo played their way through german bars, restaurants and laundromats and even Nashville to shape their skills and build a rock solid fanbase. They ended up selling over 200.000 records and won numerous awards. Heavily influenced by classic and modern americana styles, Mrs. Greenbird’s music is multifaceted, and sometimes either happy, sad, romantic or a little bit weird, but always unique. Their strong harmony vocals are blended with their very own musical style they summed up in one simple word: Singersongwritercountryfolkpop.

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Date City Venue
DE - Dresden Schauburg
DE - Hannover Pavillon
DE - Berlin F101
DE - Hamburg Nochtspeicher
DE - Köln Stadtgarten
DE - Frankfurt am Main Brotfabrik
DE - München Einstein

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