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Lubomyr Melnyk


„Illirion“ – the new solo album of composer and pianist LUBOMYR MELNYK was released with Sony Classical. LUBOMYR MELNYK is one of the most extraordinary composers and pianists of our time, who created a whole new piano and sound language with „ContinuousMusic“. He is also called „prophet oft he piano“ and composes piano works that create a fascinating pull with continuously flowing sound waves.
With „Continuous Music“, MELNYK indicates his self-developped sound language, in which influences of American Minimal Music and late romance harmonies merge together. Since the early 1970ies, an incredible, over 120 works containing album formed, mostly containing the solo piano, with whitch LUBOMYR explores new paths of music. On his debut album „Illirion“ at Sony Classical“ are five of his composed and self-recorded songs, in which the beauty, the magic and the complexity of his „Continuos Music“ is to experience in all of ist facets.
The particular songs are 4 to 16 minutes long – the partly super fast played notes merge into an unbroken stream of sound, which carries trance-like parts and pulls the listeners into his ban. Thanks to his brilliant piano technique, which was first proven 1978 on a sound carrier, LUBOMYR MELNYK enjoys his long reputation as one of the fastest pianists in the world.
He can play almost 19,5 single notes per second. Next to this special technique, in which the contours of the notes dissolve, a permanent pressed piano pedal also provides a hypnotic atmosphere of the piano pieces, which always own a big sound continuum.

With his recordings and his concerts, LUBOMYR MELNYK impresses audiences all over the world. The New York magazine „Village Voice“ nominated the recording of MELNYK as „One of 10 albums you can’t live without“. The son of Ukrainian partens was born in Munich. He had piano lessons and with 16 he got his Concert Level Piano diploma. He studied Latin and Philiosophy before he devoted tot he piano.

In the early 70ies he developed his „ContinuosMusic“, as he worked together with dancer and choreographer Carolyn Carlson at the opera in Paris. Today LUBOMYR MELNYK lives in Sweden.

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DE - Berlin Roter Salon
DE - Berlin Roter Salon (Zusatzkonzert)
DE - München Muffathalle
DE - Bamberg Irmler-Saarl
DE - Düsseldorf Christuskirche
DE - Hamburg Resonanzraum
DE - Frankfurt Mousonturm
DE - Berlin Studio im Admiralspalast
DE - Mannheim Jetztmusik Festival
DE - Duisburg Traumzeit Festival
DE - Bremen Schwankhalle
DE - Hamburg Elbphilharmonie - Großer Saal (sold out)
DE - Jena Trafo

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