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Club, as well as The Bronx. Right after, the growing desire to compose original lyrics prompted demos. The first demos were somewhat amateur but full of fervor and intensity. Then everything started to accelerate: “We performed over 120 concerts in France but also in the USA, China, all over Europe, the Island of the Reunion, Vietnam, and Burma.

We made arrangements with our touring agent, and our own label, Cold Fame Records, with which we had already
produced records and set up multiple tours for our groups.” Adding to this were appearances at Eurockéennes,
Vieilles Charrues, Main Square, two EPs noticed and critiqued, hours in planes and on trains; all of this attracting fans addicted to the high-powered performances and leading up to the first album.
“We started recording this album in January 2015. In the end, we had spent weeks and weeks in the studio, working on multiple rhythms and numerous tours. We went to White Bat Recorders, a studio in which there was no sound mixing room, we were all in the same space, it was snowing outside, there wasn’t any water, and we cooked pasta with a gas heater that didn’t heat up enough to boil the water…” Last Train was living their life in the image of their rock: intensely, head down. It was a quick life that they didn’t theorize as they did their music. “The first album is often synonymous with the start of a career, but I feel like we had the chance to put together a packet of things before the release of the album. Obviously there was a bit of pressure. Personally, I don’t want people to wait for whatever it is they are expecting, because that would get annoying. It’s the excitement of the first concert, we should be able to do whatever we want.”

So, what they wanted was “Weathering”, that will be released April 7, at Barclay. It’s an album that is raw, enticing, melodious as well as romantic, rough, intense, clever. An album made for the road, the stage, the night. “We are more or less categorized as ‘rock and roll’ and that doesn’t bother us the least bit, because it’s the truth: rock is our way of expression. But be careful, you can easily confuse the expression and the style of the music. We play like that, it’s necessary that it is energetic, strong, and sincere… that being said, we listen to everything, not just rock. With our way of expression, we wanted to record music that is honest, sincere and beautiful to us.” Honest, sincere, and beautiful is exactly what this album is. No extras here, just Last Train: blues, rock, and emotion.
And it’s already a lot.

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Special Guests: Colt Silvers

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DE - Berlin Musik & Frieden
DE - Hamburg Häkken
DE - Berlin Auster Club // Special Guests: Colt Silvers
DE - Hamburg Häkken // Special Guests: Colt Silvers

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