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Since JOSÉ GONZÁLEZ released his second album „In Our Nature“ in 2007, he continued to collect ideas for new songs. One could imagine that a collection of musical ideas from over seven years could create a very heterogeneous album, but the opposite is the case. „Vestiges & Claws“ unites songs that are perfectly balanced and harmonized.

The album starts with a dominant guitar melody in the song ,,Stories We Build, Stories We Tell“, turning into groovy tunes in ,,Leave Off / The Cave“, ending with ,,Every Age“ and an anthem-like sound.

Those who are familiar with JOSÉs earlier works know that only one person can be behind these recordings. While his earlier records „Veneer“ and „In Our Nature“ were more spartan and puristic, his new record „Vestiges & Claws“ has a new, strong sound which is warmer and gloomier at the same time.

„At the beginning I thought that I would want to continue the minimalist style of the two previous albums“, said JOSÉ „but as I started the recordings, I knew that most of the songs would sound better if more guitars, drums and background singing would be added. I personally think that’s the reason why „Vestiges & Claws“ became a more interesting and more diverse album“.
In the seven years since the arrival of „In Our Nature“, JOSÉ GONZÁLEZ was anything but nonproductive. Not only did he record two albums with his other band Junip, he was also touring the whole world and kept on working in different studios. This, for example, is how he recorded his song „Far Away“ for the video game „Red Dead Redemption“, which was awarded Best Song at the Spike Video Game Awards in Los Angeles in 2010.

Also, JOSÉ GONZÁLEZ was supposedly involved in the soundtrack of the Hollywood Movie „The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty“ with Ben Stiller, which premiered in 2014. Especially the songs „Step Out“ and „Stay Alive“ are worth mentioning here. „Every Age“ now is the first single from JOSÉ GONZÁLEZ new album. It was released on the 5th of November 2014.

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DE - Köln At The B-Sites Festival 2016
DE - Leipzig Parkbühne Geyserhaus
10.08.16 -
DE - Luhmühlen A Summer's Tale
DE - Berlin Admiralspalast - with The String Theory
DE - Düsseldorf Capitol Theater - with The String Theory
DE - München Muffathalle - with The String Theory
DE - Berlin Funkhaus - with the String Theory
DE - Freiburg Zelt Musik Festival
DE - Berlin Funkhaus feat. The String Theory
DE - Berlin Funkhaus feat. The String Theory - ausverkauft
DE - Wiesbaden Schlachthof feat. The String Theory
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