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JOHANNES MOTSCHMANN, the young Berlin composer unites big traditional worlds in his electro-acoustic trio album: classical and electronic music. The rough, melancholic and dark live-played electro sound, in which an analog synthesizer, an old Wurlitzer-piano and the famous CP-70-piano pulsatively mix with a huge multi-percussion set and violin sounds. The career of JOHANNES MOTSCHMANN, who studied composition, piano and electronic music and already composed for big orchestras, reflects in his music.

Ever since he was a teenager he played in different bands, loved New Wave and electronic music similarly. With the album „Eletric Fields“ he succeeded to create a copy of a site: he brought together the two big traditional worlds of the German music history, caught visions of a night tour through Berlin and created his own sound between electronic dance music, Avantgarde and orchestral sound spheres – sold in a classical band trio.

References to Tangerine Dream and other representatives of the Berlin school are audible. In the early seventies they experimented with synthesizers and left deep marks in the music culture from New Wave to Brian Eno to Techno. MOTSCHMANN absorbs all the impressions, mixes Ambient-, Industrial- and Dronesounds with sound fields, which keep on creating associations with classical music. In it he finds the natural connection to the virtuosic composition tradition of Bach, Satie or Stockhausen, whose craft MOTSCHMANN learned.

The rhythms of Electric Fields are created as note texts by minute and were recorded live in the studio by the trio. All the instruments were recorded in the same room, so that the handmade electro sound sounds graphic and natural. At the side of JOHANNES MOTSCHMANN stand the multi percussionist David Panzl and the sound engineer Boris Bolles, who contributes synthesizers as well as violin melodies.

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DE - Berlin Berghain Kantine
DE - Bamberg kontakt - Das Kulturfestival
DE - Hamburg Reeperbahn Festival
DE - Dresden Tonne (Trio)
DE - Leipzig Horns Erben (Trio)
DE - Düsseldorf FFT (Trio)
DE - Bendorf Gießhalle
DE - Berlin Quasimodo (Trio)
DE - Hamburg Elbphilharmonie (Trio)

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