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Helgi Jonsson


Icelandic singer, trombonist and multi-instrumentalist HELGI JONSSON has taken some years’ break from releasing his own music. Now the EP ‘Vængjatak’ marks the beginning of a new era for Jonsson, as a full‐length album is already set for early 2017.

‘Vængjatak’ (in English: wing beat) is a collection of six songs all built around piano and vocals, with Helgi’s limitless voice and adventurous vocal arrangements weaving big emotional landscapes over a backdrop of beautiful piano pieces.

Some of the songs he wrote during his collaboration with German theatre director Falk Richter. About the background for ‘Vængjatak’, Helgi says:
“I was working with Falk in Frankfurt and I passed the Steinway piano store every day on my way to the theatre. I was afraid to go in there because I knew there was a risk I would fall in love with a very expensive instrument! But one day I did go in. And I did fall in love. And I had to have this piano! And it came to Iceland on a ship in April last year and since then I’ve written a lot of songs on this unbelievable Steinway grand piano. It’s standing in front of a big window with a view to mountains and ocean. A good place to sit and write! And I decided to release these piano songs on their own and really dwell on that vibe.”

Helgi is known for his collaboration with wife Tina Dico who he has toured with over the past 8 years as well as written and produced a large part of her previous albums.
His trombone can be heard on a great variety of recordings such as fellow Icelanders Sigur Rós, Damien Rice, Alexi Murdoch and German names like Boy and Philipp Poisel.

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Date City Venue
DE - Hamburg Reeperbahn Festival
DE - Düsseldorf Christuskirche
DE - Frankfurt Mousonturm
DE - Berlin Studio im Admiralspalast
DE - Hamburg Thalia Theater (Special Guest: Pétur Ben)
DE - Leipzig Westbad (Special Guest: Pétur Ben)
DE - Wiesbaden Ringkirche (Special Guest: Pétur Ben)
DE - Karlsruhe Tollhaus (Special Guest: Pétur Ben)
DK - Copenhagen Bremen
DK - Aarhus Voxhall
DE - Köln Gloria Theater (Special Guest: Malakoff Kowalski)
DE - Heidelberg Queer Festival /Kulturhaus Karlstorbahnhof (Special Guest: Malakoff Kowalski)
DE - Ludwigsburg Scala Theater (Special Guest: Malakoff Kowalski)
DE - Ulm Ulmer Zelt
DE - Duisburg Traumzeit Festival
DE - Würselen Burg Wilhelmstein
07.07.17 -
DE - Rudolstadt Rudolstadt-Festival

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