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Settled in the space between dreamy folk and electronic melancholy – Haux is the smoky-eyed silhouette of Woodson Black.

Growing up in the Berkshires, Woodson found his voice while wandering the quiet woods and rural landscapes. He narrated life through film photographs, developing a pastoral aesthetic that would go on to inspire Haux. Stuck on music but shy on performing, Woodson set off for Northeastern University to major in music business.

An internship at a record label brought him to London, and Woodson soon fell for the city diving into the local scene and writing for several music magazines. Evenings spent lost in the performances of Lucy Rose, Daughter and Keaton Henson cemented his attachment to the intersection of intimacy and integrity.

While working at labels for other artists, Woodson quietly crafted his own sound, cautiously seeking feedback from his friends in the industry. When conversations moved from future employment to the development and nurturing of Haux, he embraced it.

When the time finally arrived, Woodson poured every part of himself into writing, producing, mixing, photographing, and filming every element of Haux. The debut EP that emerged – All We’ve Known – was created between his family home in the Berkshires and his small flat in Hackney.

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Date City Venue
DE - Köln Yuca
DE - Berlin Musik & Frieden
DE - Hamburg MS Stubnitz (Support: KLAN)
DE - München Manic Street Parade
DE - Berlin Musik & Frieden
DE - Hamburg Nochtspeicher
DE - Köln Yuca
DE - Marbachstausee Odelwald Beerfelden Sound Of The Forest Festival - abgesagt!
DE - Diepholz Appletree Garden Festival - abgesagt!

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