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In his new stage program #HarrydieEhre – starting in autumn 2016 – the Bavarian HARRY G dissects the new quirks of his environment and its creatures. Refreshingly, snappily and politically incorrect, he holds a mirror to his fellow human beings face and lets some absurdity of his environment surface. Whether the guy from next door, the A to C prominence or trends and traditions: with the speed of a saurian, he grabs themes from daily life situations to analyze them on stage – regardless of the losses.

In his usual, smug way and a breathtaking number of blows with rhetorical punch lines and brilliant parodies, he portays his view of things. His grouchy rants shine through intelligent jokes and a big portion of very angry satire, yet always human.

Within his tour in Germany, HARRY G will play two shows in Berlin and Dusseldorf in 2017.

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Date City Venue
DE - Berlin Admiralspalast
DE - Düsseldorf Capitol Theater (Club)

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