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Debrah Scarlett


DEBRAH SCARLETT is the 23-year-old singer crafting an entire musical world from a sleepy Norwegian town. Taking the experience of a childhood spent traveling, DEBRAH makes the kind of life affirming pop music that speaks to the human condition – with all the memories, nightmares, dreams and stories that come with it.

“I think a lot of people get very confused when they ask where and when I’ve lived here and there. I’ve kind of been like a yo-yo, moving back and forth,” she says about her youth.
Daughter to a Norwegian mother and a Swiss-Italian father, DEBRAH felt, as she puts it, “like an alien, different from those around me,” and although she spoke several languages from a young age, never seemed to perfect any of them. “Music became my language,” she says of the time. “It enabled me to truly express myself.”
From the haunting Neon Eyes – a song about a recurring dystopic nightmare that hounded DEBRAH in early youth – to lead single Cynical Youth – which asks “can you break the patterns society has placed on us as the ‘norm’, and live as an unfiltered human?” – her debut EP DYSTOPIA is a searching questioning listen, one that sets DEBRAH apart from the typical mainstream pop music currently associated with Scandinavian countries.

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Past Dates
Date City Venue
DE - Berlin Berghain Kantine
DE - Bad Dürkheim Limburg (supporting Tina Dico)
DE - Nürnberg Serenadenhof (supporting Tina Dico)
DE - Dresden Schlachthof Open Air (supporting Tina Dico)
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CH - Basel Kaserne/Reithalle (supporting Tina Dico)
CH - Zürich X-TRA (supporting Tina Dico)

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