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Damian Lynn


DAMIAN LYNN, 24, singer-songwriter from Lucerne. It’s about time that his music becomes accessible to bigger audiences.

One could call DAMIAN a newcomer, yet he has already played over 200 shows in the last two years. This is how the young artist gained the attention he deserved step by step.

“Will it stop if I count to ten?”, DAMIAN LYNN sings in the title song of his new album. He can barely mean the feeling he had when his debut album was number 12 in the album charts last summer. The album with its 13 songs includes everything good Pop music needs: touching and smart Pop melodies as well as haunting, urban rhythms, which change between Folk, Soul and Rock elements.

Despite the sophisticated production on this album, DAMIAN LYNN manages to award his songs with live energy, which he creates during his performance with his loop station. “Slow but steady wins the race”.

The love towards music and the talent of DAMIAN LYNN showed when he was a little boy – with only nine years as he performed as a soloist in front of a bigger audience and impressed everyone with songs of The Bangles and Mike & The Mechanics.

After experiences with different bands, he took his career into his own hands. DAMIAN LYNN started to write and record his own songs, uploaded clips of live performances on YouTube and gained his first gigs, just like that.

The young boy from Lucerne increased his fan base step by step, from concert to concert, and made a name for himself in the scene slowly but surely. His endurance was awarded this year with a Swiss Music Award as ‘Best Talent’.

Next to many invitations of great Swiss artists (Bligg, Büne Huber, Pegasus) onto their tours, another important step was made with the support tour of Stefanie Heinzmann: DAMIAN LYNN could be seen in Germany for the first time.

The CD sales at the shows as a support of Stefanie Heinzmann prove: DAMIAN LYNN wins over many new fans in Germany thanks to his live performances. He has sold 600 albums solely on the 13 dates in Germany. And that, mind you, in a time where the record wasn’t even the newest.

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Past Dates
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DE - Leipzig Täubchenthal
DE - Berlin Privatclub
DE - Hamburg Kleiner Donner (ausverkauft)
DE - Hannover LUX
DE - Köln Artheater
DE - Heidelberg Karlstorbahnhof
DE - Frankfurt Brotfabrik
DE - Stuttgart Keller Klub
DE - München Sunny Red
DE - Paderborn Frühlingsfest in Paderborn
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DE - Bonfeld blacksheep Festival
DE - Hemer Sparkassen Open Air

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