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Bachar Mar-Khalife


Bachar Mar-Khalifé is a French-Lebanese singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist. He studied at the music conservatory in Paris and worked with conductors like Lorin Maazel and James Gaffigan as well as the orchestra national de France and the ensemble intercontemporain.

He also did a lot of projects with artists like Carl Craig, Francesco Tristano, Bojan Z, Murcof or Kery James at the borderline of Jazz, World Music, Electronic and HipHop. He was born in the war-destroyed Lebanon as the son of the legendary musician Marcel Khalifé. Rami Khalifé from the Band „Aufgang“ is his brother.

The Parisian already released two albums at InFiné Music: Oil Slick in 2010 and Who’s Gonna Get The Ball in 2013. He also worked as a film composer for movies like Layla Fourie by Pia Marais or Fièvres by Hicham Ayouch.

On his third album Ya Balad („O Homeland“), which was released on the 16th of october 2015, also with InFiné Music, Bachar Mar-Khalifé tells us about light and shadow in his relationship with Lebanon: the painful loss of the physical closeness through his french exile, but also the nostalgic memories that tie him to the good side of Lebanon – the sweet taste of evaporated milk, the smell of coffee over an open fire, croissants with a taste of thyme, the smell of Baladi-soap or the roughness of a Loofah-sponge.

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